Nassim Taleb & Naval Ravikant at BlockCon 2018 – Transcript

Thank you BlockCon for organizing this event and making the recording available. Link to the official video.

Thank you Nassim and Naval for the interesting conversation. Thank you Reese Jones for uploading your recording so soon after the event, I was impatient to listen. Thank you jnaanarthi for cleaning up the audio of Reese’s recording before the official video was released.

Check out Nassim’s book Skin in the Game on Amazon, or borrow it from your local library as I have. You can also get the first 4 books of the Incerto for a steal of a deal, definitely Christmas wishlist material (or the newest Incerto package with all 5 books). Naval recommends Nassim’s books very strongly:

“Nassim has written books that I think people will be reading a thousand years from now. His new book Skin In The Game is fantastic, it’s part five in his Incerto series which includes Fooled by Randomness, Black Swan, Antifragile, The Bed of Procrustes. It’s written in a very timeless way, the concepts are very simple, there’s not a lot of math to it although there is a huge math backing to the Incerto if you want to get into it, and I would rather reread his work than anything on the bestseller lists, and I have. Many of his books I’ve reread.”

“I think the books are absolutely worth reading, if you haven’t read all 5 of his books I wouldn’t read anything else this year I would literally just absorb them. And I don’t say that lightly. That’s true for me; like I’m going through Skin in the Game again a second time.”

“…Well I recommend everybody just devour all of Nassim’s books; it’ll improve your decision-making in life, in crypto … how you should conduct yourself honorably and morally, I think it’s an amazing work and I hope he keeps putting them out.”

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