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The objection that it takes too much time to take notes and sort them into the slip-box is therefore short-sighted. Writing, taking notes and thinking about how ideas connect is exactly the kind of elaboration that is needed to learn. Not learning from what we read because we don't take the time to elaborate on it is the real waste of time.

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Really good stuff. Niklas Luhmann is my hero. In this book, Sönke takes you through the concept of Zettelkasten - a way to approach notetaking and personal knowledge management.

Niklas Luhmann was a prolific writer and was able to do so because of his notetaking method he called Zettelkasten. By capturing and linking notes and ideas, he was able to have many pieces of writing on the go at once and able to follow whatever interested him in the moment. I aspire to implement this system in my own life with Roam and this blog.

Also check out Ryan Holiday and Robert Greene who have similar methods.

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